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Is your right to own a firearm, collect guns or hunt for sport being threatened in Michigan? Are you concerned about how concealed carry laws affect your legal ability to carry and use a weapon? Has a previous criminal charge prevented reinstatement of your gun rights? Experienced gun rights attorney Ian Redmond, the founder of the Second Amendment Rights, LLC, can help.

Ian Redmond has more than a decade of experience, respect for your interests and is responsive to your questions when gun rights come under attack. Second Amendment Rights, LLC, is the full-service Second Amendment resource with the knowledge, advocacy and personal service you can depend on for practical solutions for gun-related legal issues.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution continues to be a source of constant debate and, most recently, subject to a presidential executive order. But make no mistake — you have the right to seek a legal permit for, and ownership of, firearms for purposes of protection, hunting and investment, just to name a few. Ian Redmond's skills as a gun rights lawyer and Second Amendment scholar can benefit you and your family, starting today.

Are you having legal difficulties with transferring ownership of a valuable gun collection through your Michigan estate planning? Ian Redmond can share his wealth of knowledge about how NFA trusts work, explain your options and guide you to your estate and probate goals, as they pertain to gun ownership. Contact Second Amendment Rights, LLC, in Royal Oak today.


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