5 Ways To Protect Your Concealed Carry Rights

As any educated gun rights advocate comes to learn, your concealed carry rights do not exist in a vacuum. It is of paramount importance that you learn about these rights: how to use them wisely and how to protect them.

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For that reason, we at Second Amendment Rights, LLC, in Royal Oak, would like to provide 5 key ways in which you can protect your concealed carry rights:

  1. First, develop a deep appreciation for the purpose of the Concealed Pistol Law (CPL). The law is meant to balance your gun rights with the need to protect police. If you grasp this basic principle, all the other ways to properly think about your concealed-carry gun rights will follow.
  2. With principle #1 in mind, understand how to handle yourself in encounters with law enforcement. For instance, in the most common scenario, you should consider ahead of time your proper response to being pulled over by police for a routine traffic stop. The first thing you need to do is to notify the police officer (even interrupt the officer) of your concealed carry license and as to whether you do or do not have a gun in the car. Your courtesy and common good manners in this situation can go a long way in preventing unnecessary complications.
  3. Beyond considerations of day to day behavior, adopt a more long-term approach to your gun rights. For instance, protect the future of your concealed carry gun rights by staying updated on your legislation and other legal developments. These developments can happen on the national level, but they also happen on a local level as is the case here in Michigan with the switch in laws regarding the county boards' authority to control your right to carry your firearm. You can often find these reliable legal update resources by speaking with your gun rights attorney or contacting your local bar association.
  4. Join a reputable gun rights organization. You want to join an organization committed not only to the protection of gun rights, but to promoting responsible practices as well. These practices include ongoing training such as live-fire exercises, realistic scenarios such as drawing from concealment, firing while wearing winter gloves, and other safety instructions in order to prevent an accident.
  5. Mentor other gun owners. Gun rights belong to the individual within a community. By working with new gun owners, you can maintain a healthy public awareness of gun rights issues while also ensuring the proper exercise of these rights, thereby safeguarding not only your gun rights, but everyone else's as well.

Ultimately, to learn more about how to exercise your concealed carry gun rights in Michigan, you can speak with a recognized training authority in these matters. You can even consult with a gun rights attorney with whom you can build a long-term relationship so you can protect your rights today and in the future.

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